Cycleworld: Shifting into High Gear.

For over 20 years Cycleworld was a highly recognised shop within Burwood. The iconic Orange facade with windows filled with bicycles on Burwood Road was difficult to miss. As written in the famous Bob Dylan song, times they are a-changing, and as the current retail domain has changed, so has Cycleworld, most notably of which, is it has moved.

Opening at a new location at 317 Concord Road, Concord West, Cycleworld offers a unique experience to all visitors. Polished hardwood floors, TV’s broadcasting Cycling highlights in amongst the huge variety of Bicycles and Accessories to browse and a dedicated lounge area with complimentary Coffee and Water on offer.

Cycleworld has been and still is a community based shop. They engage in activities at the ground level and participate with local schools, as well as those in the outer area. They are also involved in Nationwide events such as the Spring Cycle and Bicycling NSW In-Store Workshops.

Its staff include State and National Representatives, an Ex-Champion Triathlete, an Ex-Olympic Mechanic as well as Road, Mountain Bike and BMX riders as well. With such a diverse range of knowledge and experience, the staff at Cycleworld are truly passionate about everything they do.

Cycleworld caters for all level of Cyclist, from Track Champions to Fixie Enthusiasts, from Professional Road and Triathlete riders to casual Commuters, from MTB and BMX Riders to Sunday Park Riders. They pride themselves on being “Your Local Bicycle Shop” and having the biggest range of Bicycles in the Inner West.

Cycleworld also offers Bio-mechanical Bike Fitting for those who race and want to achieve their optimal comfort and power positions. They also offer fitting for those who just want to be comfortable when engaging in a social ride or the cyclist commuting from A to B.

Cycleworld is open 7 days a week and is only closed on Public Holidays. They are located at 317 Concord Road, Concord West 2138.

You can call them directly on (02) 9739 6530 or contact them via email at

They also have their own website at

Originally published in ‘The Weekly Times’ Vol.95, No.48  Dated: 09/12/2015

Posted by Jeff K.

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