New Product: SE Bikes 2018 STR-26 Quadangle 26″ “Stu Thomsen” Limited Edition

Once again, SE’s BMX history repeats itself.


Before the Quadangle there was the STR-1.  Dating back to the late 1970’s at a time when Stu Thomsen was SE Racing’s National #1 Pro.  The Stu Thomsen Replica-1, the STR-1, was his signature frame at the time.


Both of the double down tubes of the STR-1 wrap underneath the bottom bracket shell and continue around the Looptail rear end all the way to the seat tube.  This design makes the STR-1 frame unique to that of other Looptail designs.


40 years later SE is proud to bring you the limited edition STR-26.  Incorporating all the unique features of the original STR-1, but built for the bigger rider with 26″ wheels.


This limited edition model comes with an authentic SE Racing/Stu Thomsen trading card personally signed by Stu.


Please find technical specifications listed below:

SE Quadangle Tech Specs

We have a very limited supply, so order now and don’t miss out on a truly unique BMX.